What exactly is TikTok Now and BeReal social network?

Well, it didn’t take long for TikTok to get the gist of the social media cloning game.

This time, it’s TikTok’s turn to be inspired by its competitors. The Chinese giant is launching a new feature that resembles BeReal, the social network that is currently proving popular in the United States. The feature is basically a direct rip-off of BeReal, whose rapid growth and rising popularity has already seen its key elements replicated by Instagram and Snapchat as well. So what exactly is TikTok Now?

TikTok is launching a new feature to promote greater authenticity on its platform. The concept is simple: users will have just three minutes to take a photo or a ten-second video after receiving a notification via the application. It offers a way to share snippets of your daily life in real time through the front and back camera of your smartphone. With this option, TikTok hopes to foster more authenticity and engagement among users ― something much sought after by the younger generation.

Although TikTok Now will be accessible via the original social network, the feature may also become a separate app in some parts of the world. Plus, users will likely have to wait a few weeks before being able to test out this new feature.

You probably know people who refuse to download TikTok, but scroll through Instagram Reels regularly. That’s the audience and behavior that this approach is aimed at, keeping users in their apps for longer – as opposed to, say, killing off a competitor directly.

TikTok, Instagram and Snap might only keep a tiny fraction of their audience from downloading BeReal by replicating its core elements, but that could end up meaning that a few million users now won’t drift off to another app to connect with their friends.

However, if this feature is new to TikTok, the concept is already tried and tested elsewhere. TikTok Now is largely based on the concept of BeReal, the French photo-sharing app that’s going down a storm in the United States. The application has become a top trend among Gen Z, and even a viral hit on TikTok. This success has obviously attracted the attention of the Chinese giant, which is determined to maintain its status as the top social network for teens and young adults.

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