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M’sian woman fell victim to love scam on dating app OMI, now 3 months pregnant

Social NewsM'sian woman fell victim to love scam on dating app OMI, now...

Dating apps are one common way people look for a partner these days. However, as much benefit it brings, it also comes with risks that one will find scammers on such platforms.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a story of a woman whose dream of meeting her soulmate via the dating app OMI turned into a nightmare after she found that he was a scammer.

In the tweet, the user said the woman found her “perfect 10” guy on OMI and they decide to meet up after only 3 days of knowing each other.

On their first date, the woman said the man spent about RM4,000 on a gold ring for her. In return, she paid for all the expenses for their outing that day.

Later that day, they decide to check-in at a hotel and engage in sexual intercourse without any protection.

Unfortunately, her pleasant experience turned into a nightmare after she woke up the next morning with all her belongings gone missing, and more importantly, the man was missing too.

“When I woke up, he was already gone together with my handphone and the gold ring,” the woman shared.

After realising that she had fell victim to a love scam, she went to a police station to lodge a police report.

Unfortunately, instead of helping her to apprehend the ‘nice guy’, the officer said that they are unable to help her as the evidence presented shows that they had consensual sex.

“The police were unable to help me as the hotel was booked under my name and we had consensual sex. The only thing I can do is to report phone theft,” she explained

“The man also used a fake name and information and I had no photos of him.”

To make things worse, the woman said she is now 3 months pregnant with the scammer’s child and she only has suicide as an option.

The tweet has since gone viral online with many netizens expressing sympathy for the woman. Many also warned that dating apps were never the platform for one to find their true love.

“Dating apps actually is a place to find a temporary partner just for sex and their sick pleasure. Mostly, they just want a one night stand. Around 10 guys, there is one who can be trusted but even that is maybe to be considered,” a netizen said.

Here’s some advice for all ladies out there to protect yourselves and not easily fall for a man whom you just met on dating apps.

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