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Did you know that you can naturally colour your hair using Tamarind Leaves?

Everyone hopes for their hair to be healthy, shiny and voluminous. However, when you have dry and frizzy hair, you are bound to feel cautious about your appearance in social settings.

Some of the few factors that cause premature greying of hair are due to pollution, lifestyle changes and eating disorders. To overcome the problem of grey hair, many people resort to applying hair colours and hair dyes, which end up damaging the hair even more. These products contain chemicals that can weaken the hair.

Just like hair colours and dyes, some natural ingredients can also help. You can naturally get rid of grey hair with the help of tamarind leaves. They contain vitamin C, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, as well as natural hair-colouring agents. Tamarind leaves can prevent several hair problems and help colour the hair naturally.

Here’s how you can use tamarind leaves for healthy and shiny hair.

1. Hair spray

You can make a hair spray using tamarind leaves to keep your hair healthy. This hair spray will also naturally turn the hair black.

To prepare a hair spray, first, add half a cup of tamarind leaves to 5 cups of water, boil it and wait for it to cool down. Then spray it on your hair and wash the hair with clean water after a while. By doing this process daily, you can get relief from bacteria and dirt present in the hair.

2. Hair mask

To get rid of hair problems and make them naturally black, use a hair mask made with tamarind leaves. It will eliminate dandruff present on the scalp and can also give relief from premature greying of hair.

To make a hair mask, grind the tamarind leaves with curd and massage the mixture on the hair. Apply it with light hands, wait for it to dry and then wash it with clean water.


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