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MHO reveals over 10,000 Malaysians victim to overseas job scam now dead, ‘underperforming’ victims will be tortured

In a recent press conference, the Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) revealed several ‘insider knowledge’ about the job scam syndicate in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar in an effort to raise awareness of the public and prevent people from falling into such traps.

According to MHO, one of the victims, who is currently trapped in Cambodia, revealed that a lot of Malaysian victims were since found dead and that the number of casualties continues to increase, recording as many as 10,000 deaths up to date!

MHO then cited a case where the victim had managed to reach his mother for help. The victim revealed that there are victims who suffer a fate worse than death if they do not perform well in their work.

Source: Kwong Wah

“They will be electrocuted. If the shock kills them, their body will be dumped into the wild,” he said.

The victim then explains that if they do not bring in enough money to the syndicate, they would have to ‘make up’ for the losses.

If the victim is a woman, they will be forced and sold to prostitution to make more money for the syndicate.

Some of them were even forced to lose weight in 3 months before they start to receive ‘customers’.

Meanwhile, the mother, Chen, said her 2 sons were deceived by the syndicate to work in Cambodia and they are now trapped at a park in Myanmar since late March this year. 

She said that her sons were initially asked to travel from Ampang to Kelantan. However, when they reached Kelantan, they were smuggled into Thailand through the waterways. 

“Their passports were taken away by the smugglers once they reached Thailand,” Chen said, adding that she has been in contact with her sons via e-mail since then.

Chen then revealed that the latest updates she got from her sons were that a new batch of victims, consisting of up to 50 Malaysians have been scammed and transported to Myanmar as of Monday (12 September).

She added that her sons’ advice to the public are not to trust job offers that are too good to be true.

If you or anybody you know fell victim to such scam, you may reach out to MHO at 014-994 6697.

Meanwhile, we hope that the authorities will put more effort into this matter and take active measures in tackling the issue of Malaysians falling victim to job scams in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.


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