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Hadi Awang: PAS rejects the concept of “Malaysian Malaysia” as it is un-Islamic

NewsHadi Awang: PAS rejects the concept of "Malaysian Malaysia" as it is...

The concept of “Malaysian Malaysia” contradicts Islamic teachings and PAS strongly opposes it, says PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang in a lengthy Facebook post on the eve of Malaysia Day.

In the post, he also said that the party will not cooperate with Pakatan Harapan (PH) in the coming general election because a large number of PH leaders today are without faith and morals. He also accused them of being a group of individuals who are bribe givers and receivers. 

In addition, he said that PH had practised revenge politics and are also anti-Islam, besides being a threat to the royal institution, Rukun Negara, and the fundamentals of the federal constitution. 


He then elaborated that leaders in PH are fanatics who hate the Malays and Bumiputera and ignore the fact that there are sufficient rights protecting other religions and races. 

Hadi said PAS will continue to defend the rights of the Malays, Bumiputera and Islam, including its language, which serves as the core of this country’s leadership, without eliminating other races and languages. 

“However, Islam doesn’t teach the Malay race to be racially fanatic, as can be witnessed in Malaysia’s society,” he said.

Source: Herald Malaysia

“PAS is against the ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ theory and racial fanaticism, as both are against Islam and human nature.”

“PAS stresses that if there is anyone issuing statements saying the Malays are being racist, kick them out for being ungrateful.”

Elaborating on the Opposition’s involvement in corruption, Hadi said PH had failed to address the issue when it was in federal power due to its pragmatic and secular approach in governing the nation. 

Source: mStar

He also said PH seems to be interested in fighting over the prime minister’s position while ignoring other things. 

“PH is not able to uphold justice for the rakyat, despite the coalition having component parties which use ‘keadilan’ (justice) and ‘amanah’ (responsible) in its brand,” he said.

“Since the beginning, PAS has observed PH’s uncivilised approach towards government machinery and the rakyat, superseding even the weaknesses that took place under Barisan Nasional.”

“PAS is not prepared to enter PH’s big tent, as we are not able to place our trust in them to right the wrongs and address corruption.”

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