Sunday, March 26, 2023

“That’s crude oil!” Kelantanese took it online to pan the state government for dirty water supply

Social News"That's crude oil!" Kelantanese took it online to pan the state government...

One of the most prevalent issues Kelantanese are facing is the lack of clean water. However, it appears that the water quality is getting from bad to worse, and the people are being infected by skin diseases.

Recently, a Twitter user took it online to call out the Kelantan state government for supplying contaminated water to the people.

According to the user, the pipe water is getting mixed with slime, and even more so, some Kelantanese do not get water supply at all and they had to look for sources of water themselves.

Meanwhile, netizens said they had voiced this for several years now, but the authorities had never heard out their plead.

Many also demanded the state government check the contamination and warned that the situation could become worse, affecting the people’s health.

Some Kelantanese then shared that they had to rely on water vending machines for clean water, but they are usually located far away from their homes, especially for kampung folks.

Still, some have doubts on the quality of water at the vending machine and would rather spend more to buy mineral water.

Unfortunately, the authorities even seized some of these water vending machines as they were unlicensed.

Despite the seriousness of this issue, some netizens made jokes about the colour of the water as resembling other liquids.

“Eh, normally I heard that it’s just like teh ais? This time it’s like kopi o,” a netizen joked.

“Wow this is incredible, PAS is giving crude oil away,” another netizen commented.

On the other hand, some netizens urged Kelantanese to vote against PAS in the next general election.

“The water is so horrible in Kelantan. Don’t tell me the leaders are just keeping quiet,” a netizen said.

“Please change your vote in the next GE. They can’t solve it for you. It’s a wake-up call for Kelantanese,” another netizen said.

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