Thursday, March 30, 2023

KKM releases statement to clarify Najib’s health, netizens believed that his daughter is just lying about her father’s health

Social NewsKKM releases statement to clarify Najib's health, netizens believed that his daughter...

It has been weeks since disgraced former prime minister Najib Razak was sentenced to jail for corruption and abuse of power. However, there are still efforts from multiple parties to set him free, and among them was his daughter, Nooryana Najwa.

In her latest attempt, she claimed that Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) denied her father’s request for medical observation and discharged him. She also said the doctors changed his medication before he was sent back to prison.

Yana also claimed that the change in medication has caused her father to be hospitalised again.

“On humanitarian grounds, our family pleads with the prison authority, the hospital and DS Ismail Sabri’s government to do the right thing and allow for dad to receive proper medical care and observation,” she pleaded on Instagram.

However, her claims were quickly denied by the Health Ministry (KKM) as they released a statement to address her claims.

According to KKM, Najib was admitted to HKL but his case was classified under elective, not emergency. In addition, the team of doctors who examined him confirmed that he was in good health to be discharged.

As for claims that Najib was denied medical observations, the ministry clarified that, “No inmate will be denied their fundamental right in terms of access to healthcare and this includes Datuk Seri Najib.”

Meanwhile, Yana’s claim did not go well among netizens, who took to the comment section to criticise her for doing this to gain sympathy for her father.

“She tried to paint KKM that they didn’t give him adequate treatment and try to play sentiment that he is being unfairly treated, since he is already a celebrity status criminal KKM need to refute all the allegation and straightened things up,” a netizen said.

“Basically this is KKM saying, ‘stop bullshitting la Najib/Yana!'” another netizen said.

Earlier, Yana expressed how she feels bad that her father was not able to enjoy his usual Starbucks drink. Similarly, her claims received tremendous criticism from netizens on Twitter.

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