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“Kidney for iPhone” Doctor slams beauty clinic for unethical marketing promotion

Apple has recently unveiled the iPhone 14 and this new phone is said to be priced at RM5,299 in Malaysia. The price is considerably expensive for the average Malaysians given that we have to work about 29 days to afford it.

Thus, comes the joke about people selling their organs just to afford the latest piece of tech from Apple.

Recently, a beauty clinic in Laos went viral after they shared a picture of 3 people from the beauty clinic holding up iPhones while displaying blood-soaked and bandaged belly wounds that looked like surgical scars.

Source: Facebook

The picture suggests that they had ‘sold’ their kidneys to obtain the cash for their iPhones.

Meanwhile, the caption of the Facebook post wrote, “iPhone 14 has arrived, they sold their organs to the doctor”.

However, they did mentioned that the picture was only for entertainment purpose and organ trading did not took place here.

Unethical marketing

The Facebook post has since gone viral all around South-East Asia in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, garnering a mixed reaction from netizens.

However, the post did not went well with the Thailand health officials as they condemn the beauty clinic for ‘promoting’ organ trading.

According to The Bangkok Post, Dr Sophon Mekthon, managing director of the Organ Donation Centre under the Thai Red Cross Society said organ trading is illegal and the meme’s suggestion that people are willing to sell their kidneys for an iPhone is inappropriate and unethical.

“There is no organ trading like this. It’s prohibited. It’s inappropriate that organ trading is promoted, especially to exchange one for money to buy an iPhone. It’s immoral and unethical,” he said.

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