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Banks in Malaysia faces major service disruption as customer fails to perform 3rd-party transfers

Social NewsBanks in Malaysia faces major service disruption as customer fails to perform...

On Monday morning (12 September), the online transfer system of several banks in the country was reported to be facing a failure or interruption of service.

According to Sin Chew, the affected banks included RHB, Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB and United Overseas Bank (UOB).

Several complaints from customers were lodged as they couldn’t perform third-party online transfers.

Meanwhile, the customer service of Hong Leong Bank confirmed that their internal transfers are working as usual. However, transfer to the aforementioned banks had problems.

It was understood that a reporter from Sin Chew attempted a DuitNow transfer through RHB Bank but was unsuccessful. The website notified him that the account to be transferred was rejected, but the money was debited from his account.

Sin Chew then called the bank to find out, and the bank staff confirmed they had been facing issues with online money transfers since morning.

They were told to wait for 24 hours or check with the account receiving the remittance whether they had received the remittance.

In addition, Sin Chew also called the Maybank’s hotline, and they were told that the bank was facing network service interference. They too, confirmed that customers were unable to make online transfers temporarily.

Similarly, Public Bank’s customer service staff said they also faced the same difficulties.

Apart from the transfers, services such as FPX and Jom Pay have been facing service interruptions too.

Meanwhile, some users tried to perform online transfers using the web browser instead of the mobile app, and the results were not consistent, with some failures and successes.

At the time of writing, no bank has issued a statement to explain the service interruption faced by customers.

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