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Watch: Axia causes a road accident for stopping in the middle of the road to buy pickled mango

Social NewsWatch: Axia causes a road accident for stopping in the middle of...

There’s a reason why the authorities impose a ban on vendors walking along the road divider to sell their goods to cars passing by.

Recently, an unfortunate motorcyclist became a victim of a hit-and-run accident that happened in Bangi, Selangor.

The reason? An Axia driver decided to stop in the middle of the road to buy himself some mangga jeruk asam boi (pickled mangoes) that was being sold by a street vendor.

Source: Twitter

The dashcam footage from the vehicle following behind that has since gone viral online showed a blue Axia stopping in the middle of the road, which then caused a Nissan X-Trail behind it to swerve to the left.

The motorcyclist coming from behind had not enough time to slow down, and he eventually crashed into the Nissan X-Trail.

After the crash, both the Axia and Nissan X-Trial drivers quickly fled the scene, leaving the motorcyclist alone on the ground, struggling to get back on his foot.

Fortunately, the street vendor and a postman who was passing by the scene went on to lend the motorcyclist a helping hand.

Netizens were furious over the incident and criticised the Axia and Nissan X-Trail drivers for not staying abiding by the traffic laws and not having empathy despite causing the accident.

On the other hand, some pointed out that the street vendor should not have sold his products in the middle of the road. Netizens also said such practice is actually illegal in our country.

“Please do not normalise the act of buying anything from street peddlers like this. So long as people keep buying, they will not stop,” a netizen said.

“The Nissan X-Trailer was wrong for not using his indicators when switching lanes, but the cause of the accident is definitely the street vendor who is selling pickled mangoes there,” another netizen said.

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