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Local TV talk show guest shares story of mother who helps second husband in raping her 11YO daughter so that he will not divorce her

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Despite having gone through the trauma of sexual abuse, it is unfortunate that most victims choose not to speak up against their perpetrators and let the matter die down.

Recently, family psychology and Syariah legal consultant Suzana Ghazali revealed a shocking case where a woman helped her second husband in raping her 11-year-old biological daughter while watching him behave lewdly toward her.

The young victim was born to the mother and her ex-husband.


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Speaking on the TV talk show, Suzana said the mother sacrificed her daughter’s dignity and “legitimised” her husband’s misdeeds to save her second marriage.

She added that the mother did not want to be divorced because she could not satisfy her husband’s perverted sexuality and refused to call the police.

“The mother also told me that her husband gave her three options at the time, the first was to let her daughter sleep with him. If not, then let him watch… If neither is possible, then the only option is divorce.”

Her sharing has sparked a huge debate online with netizens criticising the mother for failing to protect her child and even more so, being part of it.

“This is the worse. I don’t know how can a mother can do such a thing to her own daughter for a mere man like that. This just proves not everyone can be a mother,” a netizen said.

“I would rather divorce than put my children through this,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, many netizens also said this reminded them of the sexual assault of a Malay female artist by her father.

If you or anybody you know is going through such traumatising experiences, you should reach out to the Women’s Aid Org (WAO) and All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) at 03-7956 3488 (WAO) and 016-237 4221 (AWAM).

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