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Young Woman’s steamy performance at elderly home in Taiwan goes viral

A Taiwanese veteran home has come under fire for holding a controversial Mid-Autumn festival event.

Some of its residents, including retired army officers and soldiers who meet other specific requirements, have their stays paid for by the government.

Here is a video of that very performance. Viewer discretion is advised.

At the start of the clip, the lady performer, wearing black and pink lingerie, was seen dancing to a group of elderly gentlemen and staff of the home. There were at least 12 residents present during the performance.

She later holds on to the sides of one of the men’s wheelchairs and brings her chest close to his face. Following which, she holds the man’s wrist and guides his hand towards her breasts. He complies, and his other hand follows suit. The video ends off with the woman doing a body wave while guiding the man’s hand from her neck downwards to touch her chest, stomach and crotch.

Showing no signs of resistance, the men merely followed the actions of the woman, probably filled with joy at the show that was put on by the home. Many were quite okay with the performance, stating that the uncles may have not had that much excitement at the elderly home.

Dousing the social media wildfire, the Taoyuan Veterans Home has since apologised for the inappropriate performance.

Originally a 15-minute singing show, the performance became extra heated when the performers decided to get more intimate with the seniors to raise their level of enthusiasm.

They added that they are “very sorry” and will be “more cautious” about the events they hold in future.


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