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Touch ‘n Go new campaign is giving away free toll for one year to lucky new RFID users

Touch ‘n Go is currently running a new campaign to get more people to jump on board for RFID toll payments.

Interestingly, customers who purchase and activate new Touch ‘n Go RFID tags can stand a chance of willing RM250 eWallet credit and Touch ‘n Go will pay for your highway tolls for one full year.

The free toll for a year campaign is running from 10th September until 18th November 2022 and a total of 8 winners will be selected every two weeks. To participate in the campaign, just buy a new TNG RFID tag from any platform, activate it, and make at least 5 RFID toll transactions during the campaign period.

There are a total of 5 campaign cycles with the following dates:

  • 10th September – 23rd September 2022
  • 24th September – 7th October 2022
  • 8th October – 21st October 2022
  • 22nd October – 4th November 2022
  • 5th November – 18th November 2022

With 8 winners per cycle, that’s a total of 40 winners who will enjoy one year of free tolls.

According to the T&C, the 8 winners will be selected based on a predetermined formula calculated on the total of activated RFID customers for each contest cycle. For example, if there are 5,743 TNG RFID tags sold and activated during the two-week period, the winner is picked on the calculation of 5,734 / 8 = 716.76 (rounded down to 716). With this figure, the selected participants are #716, #1432, #2148, #2864, #3580, #4296, #5012 and #5728 for the cycle.

For information, the winners of each cycle will be determined 7 working days after the end of each cycle, and winners will be contacted via email and will be asked a simple qualifying question for verification to receive the reward. Subsequently, you’ll also have to reply quickly as Touch ‘n Go says the selected participants must reply to the email with the verification and answer within one working day. Meanwhile, Touch ‘n Go reminds all users that it will never ask for your sensitive eWallet details such as your bank account number, username, PIN number, OTP or password.

The contest FAQ also explained that the free one year toll reward is given as a reimbursement. This means if you win the prize, you’ll still have to maintain sufficient balance in your Touch ‘n Go eWallet for RFID tolling. The tolls will be deducted from your balance and the charge will be reimbursed by Touch ‘n Go on the next working day. The free one-year toll is strictly for RFID tolling only and you can’t enjoy this perk using the Touch ‘n Go card or SmartTag.

A new TNG RFID tag is priced at RM35 and you can purchase it via the TNG eWallet app, authorized fitment centers, Lazada , and Shopee. For more information, you can learn more at the Free toll contest page as well as the FAQ and T&C.

Besides paying for toll, RFID can be used to pay for petrol at RFID-enabled Shell stations. Take note that each TNG RFID is meant to be activated to a single car and it is non-transferable.

If you have multiple cars at home, you must purchase one RFID tag per vehicle and you can link up to 10 RFID tags to a single TNG eWallet account for ease of management. Your TNG RFID tag may get suspended if it is shared with multiple vehicles.


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