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M’sian Humanitarian Organisation urges government to block M’sian from travelling to these 3 countries to work

Social NewsM'sian Humanitarian Organisation urges government to block M'sian from travelling to these...

The Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) has urged the government to take active measures in tackling the issue of Malaysians falling victim to job scams in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

According to NST, former inspector-general of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who is also MHO’s adviser, said this is necessary to prevent Malaysians from becoming human-trafficking victims abroad.

He said he is asking the police for the necessary information to assess the seriousness of the situation.


“I had established an ASEAN desk in Bukit Aman, with police representatives for each ASEAN country,” he was quoted as saying.

“I hope the police can obtain the required information on the crimes being committed against Malaysians in the countries involved.”

Meanwhile, MHO secretary-general Datuk Hishamuddin Hashim urged the Immigration Department to impose travel restrictions on Malaysians under 40 from travelling to Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

He said Malaysians who wished to travel to these countries for job opportunities should be prevented from doing so if the recruiting companies had no track record of salary payment or were not listed with the Home Ministry.

“Do not allow this. Follow the measures taken by Taiwan and Indonesia, which prevent their people from becoming victims of job fraud syndicates,” he said.

“This is the time for us to take serious action. We need to use every available mechanism so that all Malaysians are able to return to the country.”

Hishamuddin then urged the government to use the highest platform, such as the Asean conference, to discuss the issue.

He warned that if this issue is left unchecked, the syndicates would become more daring and spread their activities, further complicating the issue.

He said pressure had to be exerted on the heads of government before any Malaysian life was lost.

The Foreign Ministry has rescued 87 Malaysians who were duped into travelling abroad for employment up to 4 September. Out of which, 65 Malaysians were brought back from Cambodia, 10 from Laos, two from Myanmar and 10 more from Thailand.

Meanwhile, individuals or families of victims of such scams are urged to contact the Foreign Ministry through the Consular Assistance Unit for Malaysians Abroad via the e-mail [email protected] or report to the Consular Division for assistance.

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