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M’sian forced to fork out RM400 to pay ‘road worker’ who claim to be from City Council to fix pothole

Social NewsM'sian forced to fork out RM400 to pay 'road worker' who claim...

If some ‘workers’ approach you to fix the pavement in front of your house, it’s best that you reject them and demand that they leave you alone.

Recently, a Facebook user in Taman Puteri Indah, Batu Pahat, Johor took it online to share a misfortune that cost her RM400 after these workers, who claimed to be sent by the City Council, fixed the pavement in front of her gate.

According to the user, the incident took place on Tuesday (6 September) when she was alarmed by the noises outside her house. She then saw a lorry passing by with a group of workers.

At this moment, one of the workers angrily asked her to move her vehicle away for them to fix the pavement.


As the user was about to leave her home, she asked if they could wait for another 10 minutes, to which they insisted that she do it immediately.

Meanwhile, the user said she could sense something is wrong when the workers are at work. While the work is still in progress, the worker suddenly demanded payment for the work done.

“RM250 per gate. Since you have two gates, it’s RM500,” the worker said.

Source: Facebook

The user was shocked by the worker’s demand and before she agree to pay anything, she contacted one of her guy friends to speak with the worker.

When her friend arrived,

It appears that the worker had lowered his voice against her friend and they managed to agree on a lower price for the work, at RM400. However, the worker later demanded more.

“He demanded RM450 upon finishing the work. My friend told him we only have RM400, so take it or leave it,” the user explained.

Source: Facebook

“I don’t want them to return at night and seek revenge on me”, she added.

Meanwhile, netizens said this should not happen as the City Council would not charge residents for the work. They also advised the user or anyone who is in such a situation to call the City Council and reconfirm with them before paying.

Nonetheless, it is not sure if those workers were from the City Council or if they were just syndicates that are extorting money from residents.

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