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M’sian man who distrusts banks stores his wealth in a rented bungalow, gets robbed by his nephew

Social NewsM'sian man who distrusts banks stores his wealth in a rented bungalow,...

We often heard how people fall victim to online banking scams and other scam calls. These incidents will definitely reduce Malaysians’ confidence in the banking system.

Meanwhile, a 30-year-old Malaysian thought of a plan to reduce his exposure to such risks, that is to forego bank accounts and store his cash and valuable items in a rented bungalow instead.

Unfortunately, luck was not on his side and his rented bungalow was broken into and the valuable items stolen.

Source: China Press

According to China Press, the man and his wife have been storing their valuable items and cash in a rented bungalow since 2020 as they do not trust banks.

On 24 August this year, the man found out that his bungalow has been broken into when he head back to his bungalow to get some cash.

Source: China Press

The man has since lodged a police report, and his total losses were estimated to be close to RM634,000, with RM434,000 of cash and valuables worth RM200,000 being stolen.

After a week, the police managed to track down 11 suspects and it turns out that the man’s nephew was the main culprit of this burglary.

The police also found out that the suspects had spent the money they stole on purchasing 5 motorcycles, 2 cars, some motorcycle accessories and 6 iPhone 13 Pro max.

The suspects will be charged under section 457 of the Penal code for housebreaking and all 11 of them are currently detained.

Well, it seems that it is best to keep your wealth to yourself and not going around to boast about it.

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