Thursday, March 30, 2023

Watch: Hundreds of Mat Rempit gathered at MEX Highway, seen riding against traffic too

Social NewsWatch: Hundreds of Mat Rempit gathered at MEX Highway, seen riding against...

Despite the government’s efforts to curb mat rempits activities, illegal races remain a widespread activity.

Recently, the We are Malaysians Facebook page shared a couple of videos that showed hundreds of motorcyclists gathered outside a toll booth at the MEX Highway, believed to be preparing for a huge race.

Superman gathering, preparing to fly,” the post reads.


It is believed that the incident took place on Wednesday (7 September) during the wee hours.

In the video, the massive group of motorcyclists can be heard revving their engines loudly and causing major sound pollution to the residents in the area.

However, it appears that is not all to it. Apparently, the motorcyclists were seen riding against the traffic on the same highway.

The incident has since sparked a huge outrage among netizens, who took to the comment section to question why the authorities did not take immediate action against them.

Even more so, one of the videos showed a police car passing by the illegal race.

“Did this happen yesterday? Was annoyed by the noise last night… Nearly 2 hours from KL to Putrajaya and back to KL. Not sure if they were racing,” a netizen said.

“PRDM and JPJ must do something! It is impossible they do not know of this kind of big ‘gathering’!” another netizen commented.

At the time of writing, neither PDRM or JPJ has responded to this incident.

In July, Road Transport Department (JPJ) announced that it is looking into implementing stricter and harsher punishments for those involved in mat rempit activities, but nothing has since been implemented.

Nonetheless, mat rempits have long been a nuisance to our society for their dangerous stunts that not only endanger themselves but other road users as well.

We hope the authorities will tighten the enforcement activity and put such activities to an end. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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