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Watch: Food delivery rider kicks side mirror of car attempting to switch lanes, despite his indicators on

Social NewsWatch: Food delivery rider kicks side mirror of car attempting to switch...

Switching lanes when traffic is congested can be difficult, and it is even tougher when motorcyclists are dashing in between the lanes and not giving drivers any chance.

Recently, a dashcam footage of a Porsche attempting to switch lanes had its side mirror damaged by a food delivery rider went viral online.

The incident was shared by Facebook user Ikhwan Saupi and the incident took place on Tuesday (6 September).

In the video, the food delivery rider can be seen deliberately kicking the side mirror of the Porsche when the car attempted to do a slow lane change.

However, motorcycles were dashing in between the lanes and non of them seem to have the intention to slow down for the Porsche driver, despite the Porsche which is in the right lane having its indicator on.

Out of a sudden, a motorcycle that can be identified as a Shopee rider approaches the Porsche without slowing down and put up his right foot to kick the car’s side mirror.

Source: Facebook

The side mirror of the Porsche was sent flying away by that blow and the motorcyclist continues his journey.

The post has since gone viral on Facebook with many netizens criticising the rider for his blatant attitude. Some netizens even noticed that the rider obviously can avoid the car, but chooses to charge forward.

“That rider did it on purpose. The driver is already so polite, with his indicators on and switching lanes slowly,” a netizen said.

“The rider’s rude and ignorant. Hope the driver lodges a police report against him for destroying people’s property,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, a netizen pointed out that motorcyclists had a weird attitude because even though cars have their indicators on, they will still sound their horn. “Giving signal to switch lanes is wrong, but not giving is wrong too,” the netizen said.

Being a driver, have you experienced this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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