Thursday, March 30, 2023

M’sian gets called up by PDRM for sharing photos of deforestation happening in Gunung Lambak, Johor

Social NewsM'sian gets called up by PDRM for sharing photos of deforestation happening...

Despite deforestation being a serious issue in the country, the state governments have never acknowledged this issue, and some even deny that logging a problem.

Recently, the former ADUN of Paloh in Johor, Sheikh Omar Ali took to Twitter to share that one of his friends was called in by the police for questioning after he shared pictures and videos of the deforestation that is happening at Gunung Lambak in Kluang, Johor.

“Late last night, the police came to the house of one of my friends, Kim Hai. It was understood that the police called him in as he had shared several pictures and videos on Facebook of Gunung Lambak turning bald,” he wrote.

He continue saying that as it was already late in wee hours, the ADUN of Mengkibol, Chew Chong Sin had to go to IPD Kluang to help Kim Hai at 2:30 am.

“We were able to meet with a lawyer to make preparations while waiting for the police to call up Kim Hai again,” he said.

Meanwhile, Omar said they are not sure why the police called up Kim Hai in such a hurry.

Source: Twitter

“All that we know is that the whole community of Kluang have realised that a part of Gunung Lambak is now bald. It’s an open secret! You can see it clearly even from far,” he explained.

“Kim Hai is a nature lover and a hiker. So, he is concerned with what is happening at Gunung Lambak and has shared the matter on Facebook.” he added.

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked a discussion among netizens where some believed that someone was behind this and they wanted to contain the issue.

“Someone don’t like this kind of exposure coming up. Someone rich and powerful,” a netizen said.

“Those who whistle-blow get called up by the police. Those behind the logging remained at peace,” another netizen lamented.

Nonetheless, we hope Kim Hai is not in trouble and the police will not take action against him for sharing what he saw.

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