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Catnapper demands RM6,000 ransom, but PDRM advise pet owner not to go through the trouble of saving it

Social NewsCatnapper demands RM6,000 ransom, but PDRM advise pet owner not to go...

Pets are important to us and losing them can be heartbreaking.

Recently, a pet owner in Kuching, Sarawak made a complaint to Malaysia Animal Association where he was looking for his missing cat and someone approached him for an RM6,000 ransom if he wants his cat alive.

In a Facebook post, the Malaysian Animal Association said that the owner realised his cat was missing at 11 am on last Thursday (1 September) in his neighbourhood area at Taman Kwang Ming, Kuching, Sarawak.

He initially thought it had wandered off. Thus, he made posters about his missing cat and put up a search on his Facebook page.

Source: Facebook

“On Saturday (3 September), the owner received a Whatsapp message from a person who claimed to have kidnapped his cat and included photos and videos of the cat. Upon checking, the owner confirmed that it was indeed the cat that was missing.”

“The kidnapper also demanded that the owner deposit an amount of RM6,000 into a bank account before 6 pm on the same day and will only inform of the address to claim the cat afterwards,” they wrote.

The catnapper also threatened to throw his cat into a nearby river if the owner failed to pay the ransom.

Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, the owner was only able to offer a sum of RM200 but it was rejected by the catnapper.

The owner then lodged a police report at the Sekama Police Station in Kuching. However, it appears that the authorities are not taking them seriously and asked them not to go through the trouble of saving the cat.

They also promised to get him a new one.

“The reason that the investigation will be difficult was given, considering the bank can only give out the account owner’s information after 3 months from the date of the investigation,” the post reads.

Source: Facebook

Apart from that, the owner also failed to get the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to intervene, as the commission only works with investigating officers.

The association then condemned the authorities’ lack of action as kidnapping is a serious crime that involves lives, money, the owner’s emotions and the long-term safety of all parties.

“Animal Malaysia expressed concern that the crime of kidnapping animals will become widespread if no decisive action is taken by the authorities. Starting from the kidnapping and ransom threat against the cat. It is also a serious crime that can spread to children and other adults if not immediately eradicated,” he said.

We hope that the catnappers will be caught and punished.


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