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“The light’s still green!” M’sian chides motorists who beat traffic light at pedestrian crossing near KLCC

Social News"The light's still green!" M'sian chides motorists who beat traffic light at...

When the traffic light turns red, it is common sense that motorists should stop at once and wait for their turn. However, in Malaysia, it is very common to see motorists beat the red light and continue their journey while ignoring their surroundings.

Recently, a Facebook user, Hijaz Ridzwan took it online to condemn motorists who have no regard for pedestrian crossings while she was walking on the streets with her family in Kuala Lumpur.

In a Facebook post, the mother said they were walking from their hotel to Suria KLCC shopping centre and were shocked to find out that not a single car stopped even though the traffic light was red.


“Luckily, the children didn’t immediately run across the street,” she said.

Along with the post was a video that she recorded, which showed how motorists beat the red light without the intention of stopping or slowing down.

It can also be seen that the pedestrian light was green, and the family was about to cross the road but were stopped by a motorcyclist who sped right past them.

Even more so, other motorists continued driving past with no regard for the pedestrian crossing or traffic light until the 8-seconds for the pedestrians to cross were up.

Source: Facebook

“Welcome to KL,” she wrote with sarcasm.

She then stressed that the traffic light is indeed working but it was the drivers were blatantly ignoring it.

The incident has since gone viral online, with many netizens slamming the motorists for driving recklessly and not respecting pedestrians.

“Many of them knows how to drive a car but not all of them brings their brain together,” a netizen said.

“Mentality 3rd world class. Congratulations Malaysia,” another netizen said.

“It only takes eight seconds to cross that road. There’s less and less empathy now,” said another.

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