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Agong: Power to punish and pardon should not be used arbitrarily

Social NewsAgong: Power to punish and pardon should not be used arbitrarily

There are no privilege or exception to anyone who commits a wrongdoing in Islamic justice, be it oneself, close friends, family members or parents, said Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah.

His Majesty said this when officiating the opening of the Pahang Syariah Court Complex on Monday (5 September).

His Majesty said that the principle of Islamic justice does not allow any form of injustice, including to those disliked, besides also upholding justice without favouritism that was practised successfully and which raised the dignity of Islam during the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

“The principle of justice that is transparent also succeeds in developing a just, fair and prosperous society. The principle of justice according to Islam is upholding God’s trust.”

“Based on the same principle, Syariah courts must also be wise in using discretionary powers and to be always fair to all parties when sentencing, especially those involving family cases.”

“If the law is not implemented consistently and fairly, justice will certainly not be achieved as the philosophy behind the enactment of a law would have been tainted, and as a result, the disadvantaged party would end up being victimised by those in power,” His Majesty said.

His Majesty also mentioned that the power to punish and pardon should not be used arbitrarily because we will be held accountable in the ‘afterlife’.

Thus, Al-Sultan Abdullah reminded Syariah judges to ensure cases are handled fairly and for judgments not to be delayed. His Majesty also called on court officials and Syariah lawyers to facilitate the smooth running of court proceedings.

Meanwhile, His Majesty expressed hope that the concept of ‘diyat’, or financial compensation to the kin of victim can be studied and implemented in Pahang, and the country in general.

“I would also like to ask Syariah judges to conduct a detailed study on punishments in the form of community service because there are offences that are not so serious, this should be considered so that they can serve the community‚Ķ which can be resolved with discretion,” His Majesty said.

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