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The International 2022 Prize Pool Hits US$8 Million

The International Dota 2 Championship (TI) is being held in Singapore this year, hailing its 11th iteration of an esports event that has changed the mainstream audience’s expectations of production value and prize pools in esports.

The finals will happen in October, with the qualifiers having started a couple of days ago. That also marked the time that the game’s battle pass went on sale, with proceeds funding the tourney’s prize pool. And said prize pool has just breached the US$8 million (~RM35.8 million) mark.

The International regularly boasts the biggest tournament prize pools of every year. And with every iteration, the prize pools only seems to grow bigger and bigger.

Though for once, we may see one instance of The International having a smaller prize pool than the year before. While having battle pass sales contributions putting the prize pool total to US$8 million in two days is very impressive, it falls a little short of what last year’s tourney did. To put things in perspective, within the same time frame of two days, the International 2021’s prize pool was over US$9 million, so this year’s edition is just a little short.

With a whole month and a bit left, there’s still a lot of room for this year’s prize pool for The International to catch up. With that being said, it’s quite the catching up to do, to match last year’s prize pool total of US$40 million. As with just about every other year, Valve itself is contributing US$1.6 million to kick things off, and this year is no different.

Originally started in 2013 as The International Compendium, 25% of all Battle Pass purchases would be contributed to that year’s TI prize pool, as a way for the player base and community to give back to the scene that they love. Since then, the prize pool for The International has been breaking records year-on-year for the largest esports event in history.

For context, locally the Dota 2 battle pass costs RM23.50. If you want to buy the first 50 levels of it as well, then it goes up to RM129. For 100 levels, this goes up to RM198.


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