Friday, January 27, 2023

M’sian influencer gets ganged up in a Mid Valley, netizens believed it was because he was hitting on someone’s wife

Social NewsM'sian influencer gets ganged up in a Mid Valley, netizens believed it...

Over the weekend, a video of a local influencer being ganged up by a group of men went viral online, leaving many netizens puzzled by the entire incident.

In the 8-second video, the local influencer Kiang Jau Sang, also known as the “Malaysian Wang Leehom”, was seen getting hit in the head in a store in Mid Valley, while others tried to stop the fight.

Jau Sang suffered a blow at the back of his head and it is now red and swollen.

It is rumoured that that the fight broke out because Jau Siang allegedly flirted with a man’s wife.

Meanwhile, the influencer had confirmed that he was the victim of the assault and a police report was lodged.

However, Jau Siang denied the rumours that claimed he is hitting on the guy’s wife.


“I did not flirt with his wife; This is my first time meeting her and I’ve only met her for 15 minutes!” he said.

As the matter escalated, Jau Siang uploaded a short video to defend himself, while claiming that he got beaten up for no reason.

“I didn’t even know she has a boyfriend or even a husband, she just asked me to accompany her to buy shoes and look at handbags!” he said.

“I didn’t even know the guy is her husband!”

Meanwhile, there is a mixed response from netizens, with some criticising those who ganged him up, while others poked fun at him and said that he was just acting and directing the self-made drama.

Nonetheless, a few expressed sympathy and advised him to be more careful in the future when hitting on women.

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