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Khairy: M’sians can register themselves as organ donors via MySejahtera starting 6 Sep

NewsKhairy: M'sians can register themselves as organ donors via MySejahtera starting 6...

Starting Tuesday (6 September), Malaysians will be able to register themselves as organ donor pledgers through the MySejahtera app.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Organ Donation Awareness Week, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said this feature will also provide updates on all matters regarding organ donation.

Khairy said to date, 10,442 people are waiting for organ transplants, but as of July this year, there were only 779 actual donors.

“Our organ donation numbers are very low,” he said, adding that Malaysia ranked 10th in the world for low transplantation rate, with only 2.84 transplantations per 1000 of the population in 2021.

In 2020, the rate was 5.64 transplantations per 1000 of the population.

Khairy then expressed appreciation to all medical staff, NGOs and other relevant agencies for their involvement in the transplantation and donation process.

At the same time, he also urged Malaysians to register as organ donors on MySejahtera.

“The pledge to donate your organs will be on the health ministry’s records and we will be able to show the next of kin of your decision in the event that something unfortunate happens,” he said.

Organ donation in Malaysia

According to the Health Ministry, organs and tissues that can be donated included the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, eyes/cornea, heart valve, bones and skin.

The ministry also assures that organ and tissue donation doesn’t result in body disfigurement and every measure is taken to ensure the donor is treated with respect and kindness.

The ministry added that burial and open casket funerals are still possible if desired too.

Meanwhile, only when a donor who is confirmed brain dead can have all of their organs and tissues can be donated, while those with a cardiac death can donate their tissues only.

For more information, you can visit the official National Transplant Resource Centre website here.

Is donating organs advisable?

Organ or tissue donation is a noble practice and the Health Ministry has always encouraged the public to register themselves as organ donors.

If you are concerned about whether organ donation is permissible in your religion, such practice is consistent with the beliefs of most major religions, including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism.

Meanwhile, it is important that you inform your family members and loved ones before you pledge yourself as an organ donor as organs can only be donated once the family or next-of-kin gives consent.

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