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“Court made the right decision!” Rosmah’s daughter shares her view on Rosmah’s conviction

Social News"Court made the right decision!" Rosmah's daughter shares her view on Rosmah's...

On 1 September, Rosmah was convicted of all 3 charges of seeking and receiving bribes in return for assisting in a government contract to supply energy to rural schools in Sarawak by High Court Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan.

Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan has also imposed a fine of RM970 million for all charges and 10 years in jail for each charge on Rosmah. However, he allowed a stay of execution on the sentence pending an appeal to the Court of Appeal.

While some of her supporters shout out for the injustice against Rosmah, one of her family members has given her opinion on the matter.

On 2 September, Rosmah’s daughter from her previous marriage before Najib, Azrene Ahmad took to her Instagram account to praise the court’s decision for convicting Rosmah for corruption.

This caught everybody by surprise as most would expect children will support their parents no matter what they have done.

“The court has arrived at yet another decision. To me, they have arrived, once again, at the right decision,” she wrote.

Source: Reuters

She also said the court’s decision should be respected and people should let the matters proceed with the flow.

“Let the matter be exhausted until the Federal Court if need be. We need to trust in the facts and our judiciary’s ability to arrive upon its judgment unencumbered and unafraid,” she said.

“As a child, it is always easy to think only in the subjective. It is always difficult to be objective in our thoughts and actions, given the socio-theological conditioning we have received since birth.”

Meanwhile, she said she has been subject to various remarks for the past four years, since the fall of the Barisan Nasional government but she maintained that she would continue fighting for the nation’s interest.

“Despite many subjective ‘white noise’ dictated by our society, culture and its application of religion, I remain objective. Right is right, wrong is wrong, especially when it comes to leaders (spouses included); even when they are family,” she said.

“As a child, I can only continue to keep them (my parents) in my prayers and hope for the best even when I expect the worst.”

Do you agree with Azrene’s take on this matter? Share your thoughts!

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