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Billion Dollar Whale author calls out tycoon who gave Rosmah Birkin bags, claims there are more complicit behind this corruption

Social NewsBillion Dollar Whale author calls out tycoon who gave Rosmah Birkin bags,...

On Thursday (1 September), High Court Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan ruled that Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor is guilty of all 3 charges of seeking and receiving bribes in return for assisting in a government contract to supply energy to rural schools in Sarawak.

With the country’s high profiles being convicted of corruption, Billion Dollar Whale (BDW) author, Tom Wright has taken to Twitter to point out that there are still many other complicit that the authorities should go after.

In a thread, Tom mentioned Rosmah’s hobby of collecting luxury items and asked a critical question, “How did Rosmah become so exorbitantly rich?”

“Remember the 567 handbags found in her apartment in KL? Well, this businessman’s name was on a bunch of the boxes stuffed with Birkins. He’d given them as a gift, and he was frantic,” he wrote.

Tom then shared a series of screenshots from a WhatsApp conversation between him and one of these businessmen, asking if he is willing to help with his reporting.

However, the businessman not only declined to cooperate with him but even threatened to lodge a police report against him.

“I have to say; he exploded with an anger that I’ve never experienced as a journalist either before or since. I was shaking as I got off the phone,” Tom said.

Source: The Straits Times

According to Tom, the businessman had to give Rosmah the Birkins to win contracts. He added that, however, the businessman’s wife said she has never been a fan of Rosmah and hated this situation.

“She had whispered her disquiet to me when her husband went to the toilet. But everyone was locked into the graft,” Tom said.

Tom continues saying that despite the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government having toppled the Barisan Nasional coalition in 2018, these businessmen did not open up to help him uncover more about these corruptions.

Source: The New Sarawak

He said, in fact, they became more defensive and fear of being charged for their involvement in corruption.

“Under Najib and Rosmah, everyone was caught in this system, and when it collapsed, everyone covered their ass,” he said.

Tom said everybody knew that this was corruption, and that these businessmen could have done more to support journalists to uncover the facts. However, none of them did as they believe winds would change direction and Najib would come back to power.

Tom then ended his thread by saying, “This businessman was just one among many. You don’t get to a quarter of a billion dollars in luxury items from a few corruptors.”

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