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Woman gets thrown off escalator after being hit by a falling suitcase

A woman in China was injured by a piece of luggage that tumbled down from the top of an escalator.

According to Chinese media outlet NetEase, the incident occurred at around 5pm on Aug. 29 at Hangzhou railway station.

Luggage traveling down at high speed

From the surveillance footage that was posted online, a young woman, accompanied by an older woman, could be seen placing a black-coloured suitcase on a moving escalator and letting it go. She was holding on to another piece of luggage as well.

The video then cut to footage captured from the bottom of the escalator. A woman was seen turning her head to look back, likely because she heard the noise of the suitcase as it fell down the steps.

Upon seeing the suitcase falling towards her, she started moving down the escalator to get away from it as fast as possible. Unfortunately, she was not able to get out of the way, and was knocked down from behind.

Woman in stable condition

In a statement issued on Friday (Sep. 2), Hangzhou Metro said the woman had been conveyed to the hospital promptly.

She apparently said she felt immense pain in her lower back, but is reportedly in a stable condition currently.

The woman who let go of the luggage was said to be a freshman at a university who was about to report to school. She and her family have apologised to the injured commuter.

In a similar case previously, a court ordered the owner of the luggage to compensate the injured commuter for their medical expenses, while the train company had to bear the responsibility of supplementary compensation

Hangzhou Metro advised those who are traveling with luggage to use the lift instead. Such advice is readily available to commuters through regular broadcasts and notices in the station.


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