Thursday, March 30, 2023

Watch: Thai student rides a horse to college to save on expensive fuel

Social NewsWatch: Thai student rides a horse to college to save on expensive...

Ever since the Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed, travelling around the city has became more expensive as congestion has been building up on the roads and the rising fuel costs.

While most of us think that there’s nothing we can do to change this, a Thai student has come up with an interesting idea of saving on fuel, but it is rather spectacle if you ever come across him on the road.

It’s a horse! 19-year-old Prasert Phuinwong, a second-year student at Kalasin College of Dramatic Arts in Mueang district, Thailand has been travelling to his college with his horse instead of taking the usual form of transport.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Prasert has also gained a lot of attention from netizens after Facebook user Boat Ekparin Mongkummuen posted a video of him riding his horse to college.

“That’s very cool. You’ve won me over. Hahaha. I want to take him out for Shabu,” the caption reads.

Speaking to Thai news outlet Channel 8, Prasert said he found fuel prices far too expensive, and the rising cost of living had made it worse for him. These were the main reasons why he decides to ride his horse to college instead.

Prasert also shares that while he is in the classroom, he ties his horse under a tree where there is lots of grass for it to feed on.

It was understood that the student received the horse from a Buddhist monk just last month, as the temple had too many horses and it could not afford to take care of all of them.

Prasert, who was a horse-lover, then decides to adopt one and raise it himself.

Now, instead of having to worry about fuel prices, Prasert has to take good care of his horse and make sure that it gets filled up!

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