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Watch: Bedridden woman had to be present at bank to renew her card after officer insists

Social NewsWatch: Bedridden woman had to be present at bank to renew her...

If you are taking care of someone who got bedridden, you will probably know how difficult it is to get them move around due to their limitations.

Recently, TikTok user @hatinimahamud accused a local bank of being unsympathetic towards her mother who is paralysed and bedridden.

In a 19-second video, the user said that her mother’s bank card was nearing its expiry date and she wants to help her renew it. She then made a call to the bank and ask about the card renewal procedure for the bedridden.

However, the bank officer told her that her mother needs to be in the bank in person to renew the bank card.

The user was left with no choice but to call St John’s Ambulance to help move her mother from the house to the bank.

She also said she had to bear all the costs of hiring an ambulance. “There are banks who don’t take the feelings of unwell people into consideration,” she lamented.

In another update, the user said the bank blocked her mother’s account and said they could not withdraw the money needed to purchase the necessities such as adult pampers.

When she called the bank for clarification, she was told to contact the bank’s manager instead.

She also explained that her mother receives a pension through that bank account and they’re now struggling because her father’s pension wasn’t much either.

The incident has sparked a huge outrage among netizens who expressed disappointment at the bank for their inconsiderate service.

On Twitter, a netizen pointed out that banks have a wireless thumbprint scanner which they could have taken to the customer’s house to carry out the whole card renewal process.

Others also compared the service provided by other banks and said they were more efficient and considerate.

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