Thursday, March 30, 2023

Remember the boy who shows his middle finger during national day parade? It turns out that it was actually a mistake!

Social NewsRemember the boy who shows his middle finger during national day parade?...

The National Day parade this year was a hit, especially the many performances featuring well-muscled firefighters and K-9 dogs in adorable tiny paw boots.

However, what left a deep impression on most Malaysians was when a young boy who was performing as part of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department’s parade showed the middle finger to the crowd.

This came after a netizen shared a video that showed the little boy in a fireman’s uniform, complete with a hat and jacket as he rode on a rescue boat with several firefighters in the mini convoy.

As the convoy passes by, it can be heard that a few spectators called the group to show the ever-popular South Korean ‘mini love’ hand gesture. Unexpectedly, the boy innocently flashed his middle finger, not knowing that he got the hand gesture wrong.

The officer standing next to him immediately noticed the mistake and rushed to cover the boy’s hand.

Fortunately, the boy seems to manage to get the ‘mini love’ gesture right as his parade float moved further along the route.

Meanwhile, netizens find the whole incident hilarious. A netizen commented, “The way he was looking at his finger, he must be wondering, ‘What did I do wrong?’”

“Haha so cute lah! His face was so innocent,” another netizen said.

The boy explains

In another video uploaded by another Twitter user, the young boy explained that he flashed his middle finger because he did not know how to do the ‘mini love’ gesture and was exhausted at the time.

The caption of the video said the boy now wanted to skip school out of embarrassment.

Don’t be embarrassed, kiddo! Here’s a mini love right back at you!


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