Friday, March 31, 2023

M’sian woman on vacation in Cambodia got kidnapped by local gang, then sold to human traffickers

NewsM'sian woman on vacation in Cambodia got kidnapped by local gang, then...

It appears that crime syndicates in Cambodia are getting out of hand. The latest reported incident involved a Malaysian woman, whose fun vacation in the country turned into a nightmare after she almost fell victim to human trafficking.

According to The Star, the woman, who only wants to be known as Miss Qiu, travelled to Cambodia for a holiday on 23 July this year.

However, on 7 August, while she was having dinner there, a group of Chinese nationals cornered her and prevented her from leaving.

Despite repeatedly screaming for help, no one came to her aid. The group of thugs then forced her to transfer all her funds from her bank accounts to them.

When they failed to do so, they kidnapped her to trade off to human traffickers. She was then sold to scam call centre and forced to work for them.

Fortunately, Miss Qiu managed to get in touch with Melaka MCA Youth chief Denis Lee Han Lim on 15 August when she was forced to quarantine after contracting Covid-19.

After obtaining her details, Denis quickly relayed the information to the office of Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng through social media on 21 August.

“On Aug 23, Miss Qiu personally informed me that she was rescued. She is currently helping the police with the investigation and will be back in Malaysia soon,” Denis said.

Meanwhile, Denis said Malaysians are in high demand by crime syndicates due to their proficiency in multiple languages. They will be tasked to scam mostly Westerners after being forcibly recruited.

Over the past few months, many human trafficking cases are reported, with most falling victim to these syndicates after they are promised jobs overseas with high pay.

Here’s some advice to not believe in things that are too good to be true.

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