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Agong warns those who turn Mosques into political arenas, reminds the people on the purpose of the place

NewsAgong warns those who turn Mosques into political arenas, reminds the people...

Yesterday (2 September), the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah decreed that mosques should never be used as places to insult fellow Muslims, fight, or as political arenas.

Instead, the king said mosques should used as institutions that lead people towards virtue, as centres for Muslim activities and even as candles that illuminate the local community.

“I would like to send a message to the management of mosques throughout the beloved state of Pahang; the management (bodies) of mosques are the trustees of Allah’s house. Therefore, carry out the responsibility in managing this house of Allah with full sincerity, honesty and trust.”

“I do not allow any political party in the house of Allah; let this be a reminder to all of us and I hope no one disputes this order, it is for the well-being and common good of we Muslims and Malays.”

“If you want to be political, do it outside the mosque, not inside the mosque; let this be a reminder to all of us and especially the mosque managements, I hope the mosque management is responsible in this matter.”

“Do not politicise what I said. It does not reflect the sanctity of Islam and the house of Allah. Don’t say I don’t issue a reminder… we all remind each other,” the king said, reported Bernama

Meanwhile, the king also said that mosques are not only centres for religious worship, but can be developed with various other functions including for economic activities, sports, associations, learning and the community.

“The mosque is a one-stop centre which can provide benefits to the local community. Based on that, the mosque management must be more far-sighted and proactive to step out of the mosque by visiting parishioners.”

“The mosque should be strengthened according to the reality of the times because it is the last bastion for the unity of Muslims,” said the king.

At the same time, the king also ordered that the management of mosques be more involved in non-Muslim communities so that they would become closer to Muslims and also understand the religion of Islam better.

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