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Billion Dollar Whale authors claims to have credible info about Jho Low’s whereabout, believes that he is still in China

Social NewsBillion Dollar Whale authors claims to have credible info about Jho Low's...

On Wednesday (31 August), Billion Dollar Whale authors and award-winning Wall Street Journal journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope revealed that they have information on the whereabouts of fugitive financier Low Taek Jho, who is also known as Jho Low.

Taking it to YouTube, Hope said he believes that Jho Low is still hiding in China and had even partied at a Victoria Secret’s event.

However, he said that Jho Low was last seen in 2019 and his whereabouts had been unknown since the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

“Many people have talked about seeing him at parties and events in China. I remember there was a Victoria Secret party in China. He showed up and people were shocked that he would dare show his face.”

“It was like his world got smaller and smaller.”

“After Najib got arrested, it became just China. Within China, there were four main cities that he was spending time in,” he said.

Source: YouTube

Meanwhile, Hope also shared a picture of a supposed Jho Low with two unknown people at a restaurant in Shanghai’s Disneyland during the broadcast. He said the pictures were dated 24 December 2019 and were received from a trusted source.

“Based on the information we obtained, Jho Low is in China. We had also received the picture of him on a holiday in Disneyland, Shanghai.”

“We also know that Jho Low is married and has two kids,” he said.

Earlier, Hope launched a manhunt for Low Taek Jho by urging those with information on his possible whereabouts to email him at [email protected].

He also described Jho Low as the last piece of the puzzle in the 1MDB scandal after former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was sent to jail when the Federal Court upheld his conviction recently.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian police are still trying to locate and bring him back to the country.

The fugitive financier is currently facing a US$3.78 billion or RM16.82 billion lawsuit filed by 1MDB and four of its subsidiaries.

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