Friday, March 31, 2023

MKN: Malaysia govt will consider doing away with mandatory face mask rule

NewsMKN: Malaysia govt will consider doing away with mandatory face mask rule

Singapore has recently removed the requirement to wear masks indoors, but Malaysia will continue to hold to its Covid-19 masking policy, says National Recovery Council (MKN) chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

According to Harian Metro, Muhyiddin said the council has raised the matter to the Ministry of Health (KKM) and it is now up to the ministry to decide whether to abolish the use of face masks in enclosed spaces.

“We brought it up earlier in the meeting and we asked KKM if everyone is ok, why do we need to wear it, right?” he said.

“They said the matter will be looked into in detail and just because Singapore is doing it doesn’t mean we have to as well.”

Muhyiddin also said that wearing a mask has been the new norm for us, be it locals or foreigners, who wear masks without being forced to.

“If this is a norm then the ministry could say we don’t need to wear it but if we want to, we can protect ourselves, they could put it that way.”

“However, this isn’t under the MKN’s purview but we have given suggestions and we’ll leave it to MoH to decide what to do,” he explained.

“We at MKM only give our views and I leave it to the Ministry of Health to consider the matter,” he added.

In March 2022, Singapore removed the need to wear face masks outdoors and did away with the requirements to wear masks indoors starting Monday (29 August) as the country’s Covid-19 situation stabilises.

Across the strait, Malaysians are still required to wear face masks in tight, close and indoor areas.

Given a choice, would you prefer to continue wearing a face mask? Share your thoughts!

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