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Watch: Man gets fined although it was the police who hit his vehicle from behind

Social NewsWatch: Man gets fined although it was the police who hit his...

Have you ever thought what would happen if you are involved in a car accident with the police? Are you going to make a police report and claim for compensation?

Recently, a man driving along Jalan Jerantut-Temerloh in Pahang got into a car accident, where the police had hit his Ford Ranger 4-wheel drive vehicle from the rear. However, the man was given a fine instead.

The details of the incident were shared on Twitter by user @itslyzaa_ and it has since gone viral.

In the thread, she also shares a few pictures of the condition of both vehicles following the incident. The pictures showed the 4-wheel drive had its rear, while the police van had its front damaged, as well as the summons the man received.

The summons was issued for parking a vehicle dangerously and obstructing.

She then said that the police van hit the man’s vehicle and the incident was recorded in a dashcam video by the vehicle behind them. She also said that the man did not park on the side of the road or block it, but instead wanted to enter the intersection and signalled.

She added that the man can only claim his insurance as he could not claim from the police insurance.

Police’s response

After the incident went viral online, the Temerloh District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Azhar Mohd Yusoff confirmed that the incident indeed happened and said further investigations were being carried out.

In a statement, Mohd Azhar said the investigation is being conducted under Section 43(1) of the Road Transport Act (APJ) 1987, which is reckless and dangerous driving. The investigation results have also been submitted to the Temerloh Deputy Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Meanwhile, he also said the driver of the public vehicle will be charged for obstructing traffic under Rule 12(4) LN 166/59, which means vehicles cannot stop and cut across double white lines.


“The Temerloh District Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division has issued a summons to the driver of the public vehicle, while the driver of the police van has also been sued for failing to control the vehicle and causing an accident,” the statement reads.

With this, he hope that there will be no more speculation about the actions of the PDRM in carrying out their duties.

Mohd Azhar took the opportunity to thank the members of the public who were concerned and provided information to assist the police in carrying out the investigation.

He also advised the public to be careful and obey the traffic rules at all times.

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