Thursday, March 30, 2023

Popular Thai YouTuber allegedly scams her investors RM247 million with ‘forex trading programme’, believed to have fled to Malaysia

Social NewsPopular Thai YouTuber allegedly scams her investors RM247 million with 'forex trading...

A popular Thai YouTuber who claimed to be a successful forex trader was reported to have fled abroad after allegedly tricking over 6,000 victims in a forex trading scam.

According to JOI, a lawyer for fraud victims, Mr Phaisal Ruangrit said that the YouTuber, Natthamon Khongchak, better known as Nutty’s Diary, has defrauded the victims out of 2 billion baht (≈RM246.7mil).

Phaisal said as of 24 August, 30 victims had come forward and filed accusations against her with the Economic Crime Suppression Division. One victim even claimed to have deposited $18 million baht (RM 2.2 million) into her “forex trading programme”.

He also said that Nutty had used her popularity to lure victims with the promise of high returns in a short time. The plans that she promoted were:

  • 3 months with 25% return
  • 6 months with 30% return
  • 12 months with 35% return

She also pledged to pay returns every month and further asserted that several celebrities have invested in her “forex trading scheme” to increase its credibility.

However, in April, her investors began complaining that they had not received the promised payments. Later in May, Nutty posted on Instagram a message and said she had made a mistake in trading and lost all the money but promised to repay her investors, but she promised to put in more effort to pay them back.

On June 24, she declared that she was being sued in two lawsuits and ‘threatens’ that if she was jailed, she wouldn’t be able to pay back the investors’ money.

On 28 August, a popular Facebook page Drama-addict posted that Natthamon had fled abroad, but the Thai Immigration didn’t have any records of Nutty leaving the country. It is believed that Nutty may have departed Thailand via Malaysia.

Meanwhile, one of her alleged victims, identified only as Nok, had offered a reward of one million baht (≈RM123,395) to anyone who could provide information that led to her arrest.

Here’s some advice to not believe in trading schemes that are too good to be true. You may end up losing more money than you think.

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