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“Bossku misses Starbucks!” Najib’s daughter groans over being unable to buy him his favourite drink, gets panned by netizens instead

Social News"Bossku misses Starbucks!" Najib's daughter groans over being unable to buy him...

Despite having been sent to prison, convicted former Prime Minister Najib Razak is still making it to the headlines. This time, it was over Starbucks as his daughter Nooryana Najwa reminiscence about their past.

In an Instagram Story posted on Monday (29 August), Nooryana wrote that while she was shopping for groceries, she suddenly recalled the food her father used to love and said she is now feeling guilty as she can no longer buy it for him.

“Couldn’t even make myself buy our usual things because I felt really guilty…I’m always reminded of what is Bossku going to eat while in prison?” she wrote.

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She then said that what pains her is now that he is in prison, she is unable to place an order at Starbucks for him.

“Couldn’t even make myself order Starbucks today because Yana knows Bossku must be missing his Caramel Macchiato,” she said.

“Anyone who knows Bossku, you guys know he’s a big FOODIE,” she added.

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She added that she is missing buying food for his father and prayed that she would have the opportunity to do it once more.

Meanwhile, her Instagram Story had not been going well with netizens who slammed her for her sense of entitlement and overreaction towards Najib’s imprisonment.

“This is what next-level privilege and power do to someone. Complete aloofness and out of touch with the situation at hand,” a netizen said.

“Totally… If it’s ‘Milo ais ikat tepi‘ maybe I can feel it. Starbucks? No way. Pardon the lady who stole milk powder first then we’ll talk,” another netizen said.

Besides, many netizens were also annoyed by how she called her own father “Bossku“, a nickname which Najib created for himself while he was still Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, one netizen poked fun at her by pointing out the nearest Starbucks outlets around the Kajang Prison.

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