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Why is micro-credentials important for businesses and employees?

NewsWhy is micro-credentials important for businesses and employees?

Micro-credential has become increasingly important for employees, especially professionals, to keep themselves relevant in the new normal in areas such as information technology and digitalisation.

Human resource experts are also increasingly advocating for micro-credentials as they help companies address the urgent need of upskilling their employees, while the courses are short and most importantly, cost-effective.

In an interview with Bernama, chief executive officer of GKK Consultants Sdn Bhd Gajendra Balasingham said that micro-credentials are the best solution for urgent changes as employability, resources, finances and time are critical to addressing today’s manpower shortage.

Source: Malay Mail

Gajendra shared that among all emerging businesses, the country’s IT industry is facing dire manpower shortages. This is because the necessary skills are not being extended at tertiary levels fast enough.

He then shared that about 78% of tertiary students prefer online learning, which is much cheaper than conventional face-to-face sessions. He also noted that online learning is the preferred trend in other developed countries such as Canada (83%) and China (78%).

With this, Gajendra urges Malaysian employers and employees to move in this direction as “micro-credentials is today’s buzzword.”

He said that micro-credential courses take barely five days to upskill participants, and industries can look forward to more and more professionals taking the initiative to improve themselves.

Elaborating further, he said studies have also proven that when things are learned in small measures, there are more positive results with goals achieved than in big, long-term learning.

“Today’s technology-inclined world demands a constant, continuous upgrading of skills, both personal and work-related so as to stay adaptable and relevant,” he said.

“Adapt to the new norm or be left far behind! Such is the urgent advice to many employees to upskill their current qualifications.” 

Besides, he said that micro-credentials also seem to address industries’ dependency on foreign workers, provided it is aligned with the immediate needs of the industries.

Nonetheless, he also emphasizes on the relevance and suitability of the programmes offered for immediate relief.

“However, an advisory panel from various government agencies and universities needs to be set up so that their advice, guidance, and even certification could help to offer what is immediate and much needed,” he said.

“Micro-credentials are helping to address immediate demands in Malaysia, but it has yet to be fully endorsed among local talents.”

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