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M’sian father forced to sell his laptop for RM300 to gather money for his child’s tertiary education

Social NewsM'sian father forced to sell his laptop for RM300 to gather money...

All parents would do anything for their children just to see them lead happy, healthy and successful lives.

Recently, a Facebook user named Aidil took to his socials to share a story where a father is willing to sell his laptop for RM300 to gather money for his child’s college fees.

He also shared a screenshot of a conversation, showing how the father is even willing to lower the selling price to RM280 to get it sold out quick.

“Selflessness of a father till in heaven,” the user wrote in the caption.


“When I get texts like this, I don’t know what to say… I worried if the fathers sacrifice all of their personal belongings but their children aren’t hardworking.”

“Maybe we didn’t experience this kind of hardship.. but others might be in this situation frequently… May God bless us.”

In Facebook post has since gone viral with many netizens expressing sympathy for the father and praising him for being a responsible father. Many also requested his details and offer him their assistance.

“Can I know the details of the uncle? I want to donate some funds to him,” a netizen commented.

“Parents are willing to sacrifice everything for their children to further their studies,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, some netizens chided the user for neglecting and not replying the uncle.

“If possible, don’t let others wait for you to reply when chatting,” a netizen commented.

Responding to the criticism, Aidil said that he had started assisting the uncle since the pandemic started in the country.

Source: Facebook

He also shared that the main reason for him to share this incident is to allow students understand what parents are willing to go through to get them educated.

At the same time, he said he will not publicise the uncle’s details but will respond to those who requested via private message in order to protect the privacy of the father.

He also shared that he did not buy the uncle’s laptop but allowed a friend of his to buy the laptop.

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