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Sarawak police invites housewives to help fight crime in the state, all they need to do is channel information to the police!

Social NewsSarawak police invites housewives to help fight crime in the state, all...

The Sarawak PDRM will enlist housewives in the state to combat crime in housing estates, says Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Mohd Azman Ahmad Sapri.

This initiative will be done through the Sarawak Contingent’s AMANITA (special female personnel unit) housing estate adoption programme.

Azman said this garden adoption initiative is aimed at increasing the involvement of police officers to be closer to residents in housing areas as well as communicating with housewives in an effort to prevent crime.

According to Bernama, the AMANITA is a special unit under PDRM that was established in March 2013 to obtain information related to unreported crimes in the community in an effort to help the police reduce crime rates.

Elaborating on this initiative, Azman said the AMANITA officers will hold a collaboration between policewomen and housewives.

“This AMANITA housing estate adoption initiative will also make the residential area a safer place,” he said.

“This cooperation is expected to help the police in terms of channelling information related to crime. If they find that there are suspicious things happening in the surrounding area, they can contact them directly and report to the police immediately.”

Azman explained that housewives are the right group to pass on information to the police because they are always at home and are aware of the happenings in their neighbourhood.

“So, they have the right to be given a mandate to jointly prevent local crime by reporting to the police,” he said.

He added that the selection criteria for adoption was based on the crime index in an area.

Meanwhile, he shared that by making Kemuyang Park an AMANITA-adopted area, it has not only helped the local residents but the surrounding areas estimated to have around 5,000 residents.

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