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M’sian woman shares true story of her brother forces his parents borrow RM20k from loan sharks for his wedding

Social NewsM'sian woman shares true story of her brother forces his parents borrow...

Weddings are a special occasion and most are willing to spend on the celebration as it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. However, a recent confession by a netizen shared that the supposed to be joyous occasion has instead turned sour for her family.

The confession was made via Twitter to @twtmalaywedding as she complained about her brother for being irresponsible.

In her confession, she said, “I feel bad for doxing my brother out but I really can’t take it anymore. My brother has just got married early this year. Before they got married, my parents have never met the girl and after their wedding banquet, my brother has been very lazy.”

She then explain that he owns a small restaurant but seldom visits his shop and does not stock up the essential items for his restaurant.

She also said that when planning for the wedding, the bride’s mother mentioned that they will not be inviting any guests from their side as they didn’t want their relatives and friends to know that she has divorced her first husband.

“We find this strange but went ahead anyway as we wanted this to be a joyous occasion,” she added.

“My parents started inviting some of their friends and the total number of people invited was about 1,000 people.”

However, when there were still 2 weeks left, her mother started to get worried as her son has not paid for the banquet.

“She started asking my brother about it and my brother told her that he didn’t have any money,” she said.

At that point in time, the netizen shared that his brother wanted to just cancel the banquet but their mother was hesitant as they’ve already invited all their guests and the invitation cards were sent out.

“My parents had no choice but to borrow money from loan sharks,” she added.

The netizen said their debt currently stood at RM20,000 but what disappoints her the most is that their parents are only factory workers and that they have another 2 years left to work until they hit their retirement age.

“How are they going to pay the amount back? My brother only paid RM7,000 for the bridal bed and wedding gown and suit.”

“During the banquet, my mother was only happy because she gets to see all my other siblings. But I’ve seen her walking into her room and she would cry as she thinks about the unsettled bills,” she confessed.

Even more so, she shared that the family later found out that her brother and his wife went on a honeymoon in Sabah despite claiming that they do not have enough money for their wedding.

“All my siblings are married and they don’t stay with my parents and me,” she said.

“I’m the only daughter in my household, my brothers have moved out, and the family’s expenses all depend on me. All my salaries and savings are spent on my family,” she said, adding that the wages of her parents are gone to pay back the loan.

At the same time, she also expressed her intention to get married, but her brothers and parents would not allow it as they worry nobody will take care of the parents after she gets married.

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