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Intoxicated Thai Woman bit off & ate a Tourist’s Ear

You’ve seen the movies. Alcohol makes people do crazy things. However, not everyone’s “I got drunk and did something stupid” story is as wild as this lady’s.

The young woman in question is apparently a sex worker in her late 20s. She had been travelling with a friend prior to the incident. However, mid-ride, she felt the need to sexually harass a tourist and take a bite out of his ear.

A 55-year-old tourist had apparently just arrived in Pattaya and was intending to have a good time in the city. At that time, he was travelling around on the back of an open-back bus. That was when he encountered the intoxicated sex worker. She had been riding on the back of a motorbike driven by her friend.

The duo stopped at a traffic light beside the bus and she noticed him. For some reason, he caught her interest as she got off the bike to run over and sit on his lap. The tourist was understandably startled. However, he was quick to move away once she started caressing him. The lady left him after the rejection, before immediately returning to punch him. And, to the horror of all present, she then reached over and bit off his right ear lobe.

She left him screaming in agony as she swallowed the bitten piece. Of course, the police were called and she tried to escape prior to them showing up. However, she wasn’t willing to be arrested and put up quite the fight. Police reported her kicking at an officer while resisting arrest. Still, they did manage to take her into custody after she was handcuffed to a truck. Questioning her gained no answers as she was “severely intoxicated from alcohol”. Additionally, police reported that her drug test results came back clean.

The tourist’s ear was bandaged at the site before he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The lady on the other hand will be facing two criminal charges, one for public intoxication and another for causing injury to others. She could face further charges if the victim has to undergo more than 20 days of treatment.

Police are confident she will be prosecuted as “many witnesses and the victim want to have the woman detained and prosecuted“. However, her motive for the attack still remains unclear.


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