Thursday, March 30, 2023

Viral video of ‘bloody fight’ at Taiping Hospital is actually a fire simulation drill

Social NewsViral video of 'bloody fight' at Taiping Hospital is actually a fire...

On Thursday (25 August), several video clips and photos depicting scenes of a fight at Taiping Hospital have gone viral online. The viral story alleged that a cook at the hospital got into an argument and was stabbed in the chest with a knife. The cook was then splashed with hot oil.

Fortunately, it was only part of a fire simulation exercise at the hospital as confirmed by Taiping deputy chief of police Superintendent Razlam Ab Hamid.

The hour-long drill by the Taiping Hospital and Taiping Fire and Rescue Station was held at the hospital’s Dietetics and Food Services Department on Wednesday (24 August) and Thursday (25 August), reported Sinar Harian.


It’s an annual exercise organised by the hospital and the Fire and Rescue Department in collaboration with Edgenta Mediserve.

Meanwhile, Fire and Rescue Department operations officer Mohd Mustafa Kamal Ismail said that the drill involved 54 personnel and was designed to prep them to respond to emergencies such as a fire.


Mustafa explained that sharp objects such as a knife can injure victims when there’s an explosion.

“The simulation exercise attracted the attention of members of the public in the area and was shared via Facebook, with the action during the training resembling scenes of a fight,” he said.

“The acting and action carried out by the personnel are close to real-life emergency situations. To me, they are all five-star actors. Their makeup looked real.”

He said that the department will discuss with the Health Ministry (KKM) if they need help to create awareness about emergency training, especially dealing with a fire outbreak.

As such, Razlam advised the public to avoid speculation and not spread unverified information that could affect public order.

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