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“That’s unhygienic!” M’sian woman mocks mamak worker for kneading dough with bare hands, gets slammed by netizens instead

Social News"That's unhygienic!" M'sian woman mocks mamak worker for kneading dough with bare...

Although roti canai is one of Malaysians’ favourite food, some find the process of making roti canai unacceptable, especially in the process of kneading dough.

Recently, a TikTok user named @eyfabrahim uploaded a video that showed a mamak worker kneading roti canai dough with his bare hands.

In the 15-second video, the user can be heard saying, “Are you for real? Kneading the dough like that?”, followed by a loud disgusted “Ewww” as the mamak worker took his hands out from the dough.


Pergh dia uli tepung roti canai gitu je weh. Sebab tu tak suka lepak mamak!!!! kebersihan zero weh! 🤮🤮 #fyp

♬ original sound – eyfabrahim – eyfabrahim

The user then criticise the mamak restaurant for not complying with the hygiene standards and said this was the reason why she never patronised mamak restaurants.

The video has since gone viral online with many netizens slamming the user for her ignorance and snobbishness.

Source: TikTok

Many netizens also pointed out that it is common for people to knead doughs with their bare hands, and that this is the same when restaurants are making pizzas.

“Even if you eat pizza overseas, they knead doughs with their hands like what the Malays did,” a netizen said.

“You’ve been alive for years and yet you just came to know that roti canai dough is kneaded with bare hands,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, some netizens said that while roti canai dough is supposed to be kneaded with bare hands, it is important that the worker ensures his hygiene too, and is required to wash his hands before doing it.

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