Thursday, March 30, 2023

PAS calls for international concerts to be cancelled, threatens with protests

Social NewsPAS calls for international concerts to be cancelled, threatens with protests

PAS remains firm on its call to cancel all scheduled concerts by international artists, says Party youth chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (25 August), Fadhli threatens if the government does not cancel these concerts, PAS will hold protest nationwide.

He stressed that concerts are against the norms and values of Muslims in Malaysia and that hedonism should not be allowed to spread.

Fadhli then urged supporters to ensure that this ‘protest’ is heard by the prime minister.


“PAS Youth is hoping that the government and relevant ministers consider cancelling and rescinding the approvals given to such concerts.”

“It is not the right time and goes against Islam,” he said.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time Fadhli is calling for concerts by international artists to be cancelled.

Last week, he claimed that concerts will only invite the “wrath of Allah. He also claimed that sins manifest in the form of too many concerts and urged the authorities to stop the concert madness.

“Stop this kind of work. Don’t challenge the emotions of Muslims. The authorities, please listen to the voice of Muslims before the wrath of Allah strikes.” he wrote.

His calls was supported by fellow PAS member and religious affairs minister Datuk Idris Ahmad, who express disappointment that a concert was held on a Thursday night, as it was a “malam Jumaat” or a time to do good for Muslims.

“Enough of this distracting entertainment. Repent and reflect on the disaster of the Covid-19 pandemic. Let us all return to God,” he said in a Facebook post.

His claims have invited criticisms from DAP Youth chief Dr Kelvin Yii, who slammed PAS for being disconnected from reality.

“I think what brings real anger is blatant corruption, bad governance, discrimination, oppressive laws, and even threats of harm against another, even members of our judiciary, which they are silent about,” he tweeted.

“Maybe they should remove the ‘wool from their eyes’ and address real issues affecting the people rather than trying to infringe the rights of others that are protected under the Federal Constitution.”

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