Friday, January 27, 2023

“800% mark-up!” NFC-enabled TnG card restocked, but resellers are profiting from them again!

Social News"800% mark-up!" NFC-enabled TnG card restocked, but resellers are profiting from them...

Touch ‘n Go (TnG) has recently announced that it has restocked the new enhanced TnG card. The cards will be made available on 25 August, but each user are limited to only 1 card per order limit to counter the issue of stock shortage.

While the demand for these enhanced TnG cards, some netizens found these cards were being resold on Shopee for a ridiculous price.

Taking it to social media, Twitter user @roku_shikii expressed his dissatisfaction with the resellers who marked up the price of the cards, saying, “Who the heck bought these cards in bulk and then sold them for up to 800% more than the original price?!”

Along with the tweet, he shared a screenshot showing that the NFC-enabled TnG card, which originally costs RM10, was listed for RM75 and RM80 on the online shopping platform.

The user then tagged Touch ‘n Go and the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP)’s official Twitter page, demanding them to look into this matter.

In a follow-up thread, he also shared the Shopee profiles of the sellers.

Meanwhile, a netizen took to the comment section to share that a reseller is now selling those cards at RM120 a piece as he announces on his Instagram stories. The caption reads,

“I don’t mark up the price for fun, okay. It’s because the supplier increased the price.”

On the other hand, another netizen shared a screenshot of the same card being resold at RM198 each. The listing is believed to discovered on Carousell and was named “Couple Number 2 pieces Touch ‘n Go NFC card ending number 567 limited number.”

Some netizens are also complaining about the heavy traffic that causes the TnG app server to crash. Many reported that they failed to make the purchase as their payment was unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, TnG has responded to one of the tweets and advised netizens to only buy cards from TnG Hub instead of resellers online.

“We advise you to make card purchases via eWallet or at TNG HUB NU Sentral to avoid buying cards at high prices.”

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