Thursday, March 30, 2023

“There’s mantra on RM5 note!” Twitter page falsely claims Chinese characters as ‘black magic’

Social News"There's mantra on RM5 note!" Twitter page falsely claims Chinese characters as...

Black magic and witchcraft brings misfortune to people and we should never mess with it. Even more so, we need to be careful when dealing with those who practice these dark arts.

Recently, Twitter page @TweetIslamik shared several photos of an RM5 note with some mantras written on it. The admin then alleged that the cash note was being used for black magic and warned people to not accept cash notes with suspicious writings on them.

It also claims that the mantras are written with ink that was mixed with pig’s blood to curse and bring misfortune to business owners who receive them.

In the thread, the admin provides a step-by-step guide on how to ‘cleanse’ the cash note of its mystical effects if anyone were to receive them.

Meanwhile, netizens were baffled by how the admin misunderstood the entire thing.

Apparently, the mantras written on the RM5 note were just Chinese characters that were meant to bring good fortune. Some netizens also pointed out that they were the same characters as one would see on the waving cat statues.

“Those characters were ๆ‹›่ดข่ฟ›ๅฎ and you can check for their definition. Not sure if that was black magic, but it is rare for people to curse others to be wealthy,” a netizen said.

On the other hand, many netizens call out the Twitter page for spreading false information.

“Admin, please check the facts before you share. It will be an accusation if the facts are wrong. Do not share if you are not sure,” a netizen said.

“The ink does not seem to contain pig’s blood, but from a normal marker pen instead. Why did you go so far to assume it was pig’s blood?” another netizen asked.

At the time of writing, the admin has yet to take down the tweet or respond to their mistake.

Nonetheless, this is a good reminder for us to validate the information or ask from reliable sources before posting on social media.

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