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“The cake is so small!” Mean netizens criticised father for celebrating his son’s birthday at fast-food restaurant

Social News"The cake is so small!" Mean netizens criticised father for celebrating his...

Celebrating something does not necessarily mean that we need to throw a lavish party. It is always the thoughts that matter.

Recently, a Facebook post showed an image of a father and son sitting at a fast food eatery to celebrate the child’s birthday went viral online, with the admin of the page explaining that some were criticising the father for not making the celebration a fancy one.

The post reads, “A while ago, someone noticed a father and son at a fast food restaurant. A small strawberry cake was on the table, and the candles were placed carefully around it. The son put his hands together, closed his eyes, and made a wish with the candles. The father sat across him, taking photos of his son using his phone.”

However, things took a quick twist when the picture went online.


“It was a touching moment, but some made comments about his efforts, saying that it was too shabby to celebrate the boy’s birthday like that, taking him to eat at a fast food eatery on his birthday,” the post reads.

“The cake is too small, don’t buy it if you can’t afford it. What are you thinking, wanting him to inherit the same lifestyle as you?”

The admin of the page then pointed out the possibly most cruel comment, “If it is so difficult, you shouldn’t have had him to begin with.”

In the father’s defence, the admin slammed those who made these inconsiderate comments and said, “This plainly-dressed father is trying his best to give his child the best gifts within his abilities, so why to criticise him?”

Source: The Rakyat Post

“We are used to seeing the world from our limited experiences, and making assumptions about the unknown. How many individuals here have, in reality, spent their entire lives battling the most basic kind of survival?”

The admin then ended the post with a simple message to be conveyed to all their readers.

“To be knowledgeable is not only to see prosperity and the upper class of the world but also poverty and the bottom of the world, too. If you haven’t seen the latter, it is ignorant.”

“Before criticising others, understand one thing: some people are just living, they’ve already tried their best.”

The post has since gone viral on Facebook and gained an overwhelming response from netizens, with many slamming those who criticised the father.

“What I see in the photo is a father who loves his child. At least the father is willing to work hard for a living, critics please keep quiet,” a netizen said

“Compared to a rich father who forgets his child’s birthday; a father who doesn’t even know his child’s age; or a father who doesn’t even take pictures of his son, I think what the dad did is really heartwarming,” another netizen said.

What do you think about this incident? Share your thoughts!

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