Sunday, February 5, 2023

“Scammer alert!” ‘Woman’ demands financial aid from Terengganu Exco but refuses to reveal identity

Social News"Scammer alert!" 'Woman' demands financial aid from Terengganu Exco but refuses to...

What do you do when you get a message from an unknown individual? Most of us are advised to be sceptical about it and not trust everything they say.

Recently, Terengganu State Agriculture, Agro-based Industry and Rural Development Exco Dr Azman Ibrahim took to Twitter to share how an unknown individual approached him and asked for financial assistance to help put food on the table for ‘her and her kids’.

In the WhatsApp conservation, it showed the individual, who claims to be a woman, also refused to share her identity despite the Jabi assemblyman after he offered to pass her food supplies.

“This is the usual drama. Ask for help to buy food. We want to send supplies, they make a tearful drama, they even didn’t even introduce themselves,” Azman wrote in the tweet.

The ‘woman’ then proceeds to share a bank account with him and asked him to transfer her some money so that she can buy food supplies herself.

In response, Dr Azman said there are already plenty of food supplies available that can be sent to her doorstep.

However, the woman questioned if Dr Azman really cared about her family’s plight.

In the comment section, many netizens believe that this is clearly the work of a scammer who wanted to get some quick cash by duping people.

“Looks just like a scammer,” a netizen said.

“Because of people like her, those who truly need assistance is facing difficulty in apply for one,” another netizen said.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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